Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What on earth is "Speleology"?
A: Speleology is the study of caves. A Speleologist is one who explores caves.
Q: I'm not sure about caving...aren't they a bit small?
A: Caving is not for every one...we do a lot of other activities besides caving. We have several members who choose not to go's all up to you. There are big and small caves. If you're unsure, let us know and we can start you off in a cave that is large.
Q: What does it cost to join your club?
A: Our annual fees are currently $80.00 per person per annum.
We also have a 12 month trial membership for $30.00.
In addition, we charge trip fees of between $3.00 and $10.00, depending on the trip.
Caving trips to Jenolan Caves involve a hut fee of $5.00 per head per weekend extra.
Members must be 18 years of age or above, unless accompanied by one of their parents, who must be a financial member.
Q: What about insurance?
A: Our club is a corporate member of the Australian Speleological Federation (ASF) and this ensures that we have full insurance cover. ASF is the national body of speleological societies.
Q: What is the extent of this insurance cover?
A: Cover is provided to third parties who are injured by members participating in a club trip.
Q: What if I injure myself on one of your trips?
A: You must be responsible for your own actions. The trip leaders will ensure you are adequately equipped and trained to participate. Trip leaders and members of M.S.S. cannot be held responsible for any injury how-so-ever caused. Several of our members hold current certificates in Senior First Aid. Should you have any existing conditions that may affect your ability on a trip, then it is your responsibility to bring it to the attention of the trip leader.
Q: Do I really need to wear Dunlop Volleys?
A: Of course not! It's a bit of a tradition amongst bushwalkers. Dunlop Volleys do give superior grip in wet and slippery conditions, such as canyons. You can wear whatever footwear you like.
Q: Do I have to drive to trips?
A: Where possible, we like to share driving. If shared travel arrangements can be made, we encourage it. It is up to you whether you share your car, or ride with others. Sharing of expenses is up to you to arrange with your fellow passengers. Normally, fuel costs are split.
Q: Which way do stalactites grow?
A: What? You want to know that stuff here? Why not come on a trip and we will show you a stalactite! If you really can't wait...stalactites hang from the roof, so they grow downwards!
Q: Can I bring a friend with me on a trip?
A: Of course you may bring a friend along if the trip is graded easy. They will, however, have to either join the club or pay the trial membership fee. Unfortunately, our insurers require this. The management of some areas which we access, insist on adequate insurance cover being held. It is a fact of life these days.
Q: The membership fees are excellent value when you compare to the cost of a commercial adventure tour.
A: Exactly! The trial membership fee of $30.00, allows you to participate in trips for 12 months. If you go to a commercial operator and book a canyoning trip, one day can cost more that five times this amount.
Q: How hard are your trips?
A: Check out the trips grading table on the Trips Calendar web page, which explains the gradings. They are intended to give you an expectation of what conditions you may encounter on a particular trip. You must be honest about your capabilities.
Q: I can't even pronounce "Speleological"!
A: You don't have to! Whilst we are proud of our original club, we realise that times and attitudes change. Originally, the club was solely interested in caving. Nowadays, we appreciate that there are a whole range of adventure activities out there with which to challenge and develop oneself. We've abbreviated our original name to its initials. However, if you really want to say the old name, then it's like this...."spee"­"leo"­"logical".
Q: What on earth is a Jaffle iron?
A: It's a metal device for turning two slices of bread, plus other fillings such as eggs, bacon, herbs, mushrooms, cheese, onions, ham...whatever, into a delicious toasted meal! Some trips are measured by the number of jaffles required for breakfast. ie: "we're climbing Mt Everest tomorrow...that'll be a 3 jaffle day"
Q: I think that I'm ready for adventure!
A: That's great! We appreciate people who research properly. People who read these notes. You will have no nasty surprises on our trips. We want you to feel welcome and safe. We are fortunate to have some of the best scenery and activities right on our doorstep! We look forward to hearing from you!

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