Caving at Glenrock
Cathi caving at Glenrock


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Dates   Grade Location Activities
16/11/2019 - 17/11/2019 Caving Easy Abercrombie Come along and help with the surveying project. Bring your disto's and other survey gear. We will stay in cabins for ease of charging our devices and working on the project out of the cave.
22/11/2019 - 25/11/2019 Caving Medium Texas Caves, Qld If the drought doesn't break between here and the end of November, we will be visiting the normally flooded Texas Caves (Viator Hill) near the Glenlyon Dam just over the QLD border, driving up Friday and caving Saturday and Sunday, returning home on Monday. Accomodation will be at the Glenlyon Tourist Park, in cabins or camping, and using boats to reach the caves (foot access may be possible if the water level drops further). A visit to the nearby Ashford caves is recommended. Should you wish to stay in a cabin, please contact Cathi ASAP as cabin numbers are limited.
23/11/2019 - 24/11/2019 Canyoning Medium Colo River Saturday, Wounded Knee canyon as a day trip, very early start from Hollow Rock car pak, exiting via Pass 6, a very long day. Numbers Limited. Sunday: TBA
29/11/2019 - 01/12/2019 Canyoning Hard Mt Wilson (3 days pack walk) walk from Mt Wilson on Day 1 to Up Ya Crack Canyon. Leave overnight gear at start of canyon and return up pass at end (maybe rig a fixed rope to assist the climb). Retrieve overnight gear and investigate possibility of abseiling into the creek near a camp cave (this will avoid a swim in Yarramun Creek). Day 2 will be into the lower end of Captains to take photos in the tunnel, then climb over the ridge to do Rorys Canyon. Day 3 will be the walk back to Mt Wilson (depending on time and energy we may have a quick look at another nearby canyon).
02/12/2019 - 02/12/2019 Canyoning Easy - Medium Mount Wilson Unfinished business, accessing the little known canyon, Hand Over Hand, not much to it, but looks pretty good from above. We will access the creek close to the start of the canyon, there is maybe one abseil and one down climb. We'll then walk down to South Bown Creek and have lunch in the delightful Coachwood forest, and then walk out the dead easy track back to the vehicles, probably very early finish Monday afternoon.
03/12/2019 - 03/12/2019 Canyoning Easy Mount Wilson Marijuana Canyon Bounce Trip. Walking in from the top, down the creek to check out the historical plantation site, then down to the "drying cave" where we will collect garbage left behind by the "plantation owners", we'll then retrace our steps back up the creek to dispose of the garbage. Not a long day, not planning on any abseils.
14/12/2019 - 15/12/2019 Canyoning Medium Blue Mountains Two canyons to be advised with a car camp at Mt Wilson. Numbers limited to 8 on each day. Canyons will be around the Grade 3 level, so suitable for everyone and specific canyons will be selected depending on weather on the weekend (if it's cool, then something not so wet, if it's hot, then definitely wet).


Dates   Grade Location Activities
March/April/May 2020 Caving Easy - Medium Philippines This will be a multifaceted trip. The date will be aligned with the local PSS (Philippines Speleological Society) annual conference which is being held in the very beautiful island of Palawan. This date is still to be confirmed but is likely in the 3rd week of April 2020. Associated with this conference there will be numerous opportunities for trips to the many cave features of this unique island including the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and stunnnig El Nido. Our group has also been invited to join with a local group to assist in Archeological activities in Tabon cave on behalf of the Philippines Museum. This is a cave where the remain of Tabon man and many other artifacts have been discovered. We have also been invited to another area on a different island to help with exploration of Tipan cave which is a large river system. More details will be posted when they become available.


Dave in Grand Canyon
Dave S in Grand Canyon
Guide to trip gradings:
Grade Required May involve
  • average fitness
  • sense of humour
  • steep walking
  • easy scrambling
  • short swims
  • instructional trips
  • day trips
  • car camping
  • above average fitness
  • sense of humour
  • easy climbing
  • rope work
  • lengthy swims
  • full immersion
  • long days
  • overnight trips
  • strength and endurance
  • cool disposition
  • sense of ridiculous
  • strenuous activity
  • challenging environments
  • prior experience
  • equipment knowledge
  • intimidating exposure
  • remote areas