Caving at Glenrock
Cathi caving at Glenrock


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Recurring Trips:
Dates   Grade Location Activities
Tuesday evenings Climbing Easy-Hard St Leonards Climbing anyone? Tim Grimes is restarting the MSS Indoor Climbing group (@ Artarmon/St Leonards Climbfit, 4/12 Frederick Street). Every Tuesday, starting around 6:30pm (if you plan on going, message Tim or hop onto the MSS FB page on Tuesday to post your interest for attending on that night). Wear your MSS t-shirt for club publicity. Membership of MSS is not required and no trip fees apply, however, if you're not a member of MSS, we'd love you to join! COVID regulations apply, full vaccination and mask wearing when belaying.


Dates   Grade Location Activities
29/05/2022 - 29/05/2022 Training Medium Yengo NP Navigation practice for those with a rudimentary knowledge of navigation or who have done Rod's Navigation Course. The participants will sett of on a pre-arranged course which will involve some redirections and reading the terrain. Map and compass only, no phones or GPS devices.
04/06/2022 - 04/05/2022 Bushwalking Medium Mangrove Creek Mangrove Creek area, exploring one of the tributaries, Bird's Eye Creek. Depending on the scrub, we will walk down Bird's Eye to check out if there are any suitable campsites - but if the scrub is unfriendly, we'll backtrack and find a good campsite on the ridges. Sorry Trish, couldn't wait for your return to put this trip on the calendar, will let you know what I find. This trip also appears on the BWOC calendar
10/06/2022 - 10/06/2022 Bushwalking Easy - Medium Mt Wilson Mangrove Creek area, exploring one of the tributaries, Bird's Eye Creek. Depending on the scrub, we will walk down Bird's Eye to check out if there are any suitable campsites - but if the scrub is unfriendly, we'll backtrack and find a good campsite on the ridges. Sorry Trish, couldn't wait for your return to put this trip on the calendar, will let you know what I find. This trip also appears on the BWOC calendar
11/06/2022 - 13/06/2022 Caving Medium Jenolan Three days caving at Jenolan! This is a week not to be missed, plenty of caving and socialising - mark your diaries now/save the date(s). More details to follow.
11/06/2022 - 13/06/2022 Canyoning Medium - Hard Shoalhaven Subject to availability of 4WD vehicles. For those who couldn't get on the Jenolan trip, three days canyoning/creek walking in the Shoalhaven - on offer are Long Gully, Fordham and Washedaway Creek. Participants must have extensive experience for these remote trips. Camping on the Shoalhaven so all camping gear must be carried through Long Gully. Numbers limited. .
18/06/2022 - 19/06/2022 Canyoning Easy Newnes Plateau FREEZEFEST - the 10th Anniversary in Australia of "the bad idea that caught on" as it became to be known in the USA where it originated. This year we received advance notice so that leaders can set aside the date to lead MSS trips for those brave enough to be canyoning in the middle of winter. Come prepared to freeze your socks off, or with the excuse "I forgot my wetsuit". MSS members need not be restricted to MSS trips on the weekend, with sufficient leaders there will be a mix of wet, dry, technical and non-technical canyons on the weekend - come prepared for anything! The best bit is meeting other folk, having a super badass campfire, and the boasting rights if you take the wet option challenge.
25/06/2022 - 26/06/2022 Bushwalking Easy Lithgow area Anna will lead us on a day walk on Saturday Crown Ridge/Blackmans Crown (an adventurous walk with stunning views see Saturday night will be dinner at The Wang Commercial Hotel in Wallerawang (special request from a Birthday Boy). Those who wish to stay overnight have 3 options: Casa Ossig-Bonanno (byo sleeping bag to sleep in the loft or in your car in their yard - confirm with Kathy so we can keep track of numbers); or book themselves a room at either of the two pubs in town, The Wang ( or Royal Hotel ( Those staying at a pub must book their own accommodation. On Sunday Anna will guide us to Slavens Cave, one of the largest sandstone caves of its type in NSW (possibly Australia, one report apparently claims it’s the 10th biggest in the world!). After having our fill of Slavens, we will then go to Evans Crown ( This will be a very social weekend with something for everyone - let Kathy know asap if you’re coming so the restaurant reservation can be made!
30/07/2022 - 31/07/2022 Medium Thredbo Camp Friday night Thedbo Diggings. Ski out early Saturday morning on Cascade Trail. Snow camp overnight. Organise your own ski hire if required. Not for complete X-C beginners, you are skiing with an overnight pack and it's no fun if you can't stay upright.
04/08/2022 - 04/08/2022 Social Social Zoom Our quarterly meeting held via Zoom, the link to the meeting will be sent to member in the week prior to the meeting, along with an agenda. Everyone welcome, send your suggestions for trips to be put on the calendar to
19/08/2022 - 21/08/2022 Caving Easy - Medium Orange This trip involves 3 different activities. I have made an accommodation booking at the Canoblas Mountain Cabins for Friday and Saturday nights, maximum of 13 People. Cost per person for the 2 nights will be around $90-$100 (depending on numbers). This cabin is self contained so suggest we make a group cook up for the Saturday night. Saturday we make a short trip to Borenore caves and explore the caves there. No permits required for these caves. This will most likely be only a 1/2 day. Saturday afternoon return to the cabin to prepare for the Murder Mystery Night which will be themed as 1920's and 1930's costumes so please come prepare with suitable attire. I am sure it will be fun night. Sunday we go for a wine tasting tour of several of Orange's World class wineries. Actuall Wineries yet to be diecided so welcome to suggestions but plannnig on visiting 3 to 4 from different zones in the area.
22/08/2022 - 26/08/2022 Medium Hotham Down Hill and or X-C Skiing/snow shoeing at Hotham/Dinner Plains area. Please reply asap if you would like join us and be prepared for up $1,000 each for accomodation, plus ski hire at Mt Hotham or Dinner Plains.
10/09/2022 - 11/09/2022 Bushwalking Easy - Medium Dharug NP TRIP FULL- A bounce trip mostly on fire trail exploring an aboriginal trading route in the Mangrove Creek area. We'll establish a base camp on the ridge (water may need to be carried to the campsite), then explore along the ridge. Campsite should have good views and the trip will be leisurly. If there is any interest, this can be extended to 3 day trip to allow for more exploration.
17/09/2022 - 18/09/2022 Social Social Various Observation Drive - Save the date for this most revered of MSS traditions. Will be an awesome day out. More details to come.
22/10/2022 - 30/10/2022 Caving Hard Tasmania 5 - 6 days caving in Ida Bay/Junee Florintine area of Tasmania. Accommodation has been booked for southern Tassie. Participants should be prepared to do 5-6 days of caving and one day of high energy or low energy day walk depending on the mood. Participants must have high level of caving experience in addition to competent SRT skills. As most of the caves are vertical, a condition of participation wil be at least 2 SRT training days, a good level of fitness and appropriate equipment. Participants can return to Sydney on a late Sunday night flight, although some may choose to stay overnight in Hobart. Numbers limited to 6 in total (this number includes co-ordinator, SRT SME, and local guide).


Dates   Grade Location Activities
TBA Caving Hard Wyanbene Wyanbene Cave is a wild cave in the Deua National Park. It is an efflux which is long and quite wet in places. Expect lots of wading and one section of crawling in the river known as the "Wet Stretch". Some vertical sections requiring ropework as well. We will attempt to reach "Frustration Lake" (so named because it has frustrated all attempts at extending the cave). Entry is subject to a NPWS permit being granted.
Spring 2022 Walking Medium New Zealand The Paparoa Track is a 55.7 km shared hiking and mountain biking track located in Paparoa National Park in the South Island of New Zealand. The track was created as a memorial for the 29 miners who lost lives in the Pike River Mine disaster. The track is the tenth Great Walk to be created, and has been fully open since 1 March 2020.
Summer 2022/2023 Canyoning Medium New Zealand The plan will be to do some of the better rated canyons in New Zealand, which are predominantly located on the South Island. We won't do anything with a high aquatic grading since we don't experience that with Australian canyons. At this stage I'm thinking just a week, but that could be extended to do more canyons or other activities (such as caving, hiking, etc.)


Dave in Grand Canyon
Dave S in Grand Canyon
Guide to trip gradings:
Grade Required May involve
  • average fitness
  • sense of humour
  • steep walking
  • easy scrambling
  • short swims
  • instructional trips
  • day trips
  • car camping
  • above average fitness
  • sense of humour
  • easy climbing
  • rope work
  • lengthy swims
  • full immersion
  • long days
  • overnight trips
  • strength and endurance
  • cool disposition
  • sense of ridiculous
  • strenuous activity
  • challenging environments
  • prior experience
  • equipment knowledge
  • intimidating exposure
  • remote areas